ID Cards

Students are issued ID cards within the first month of school. They are expected to have these cards with them each day that they come to school. Students must present their ID cards to their classroom teachers when requesting permission to leave the room for any reason. If unable to produce the ID card, permission to leave will not be granted. In an emergency, an administrator will be contacted.
These cards can be used when students report for SAT testing, among other uses. Students should also have ID cards when attending any school activity and to gain admission to all school dances. For those who choose to do so, ID cards can be utilized for the prepayment (debit card) cafeteria program run by the food services provider.
Students must present ID cards when asked to do so by a staff member. Students who cannot produce the card upon request will be assigned and Administrative Warning.  Students who refuse to produce the card and/or display defiance will be deemed insubordinate and assigned to Saturday detention or suspension.  There is a $5.00 charge for replacement ID cards.