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Students who are interested in studying particular vocational areas should give serious consideration to attending Somerset County Vocational & Technical School. They may attend a full-time or shared-time program. Students should apply at the end of Grade 8 for entrance in Grade 9 on a full-time basis since upperclassmen are admitted as openings are available. The shared-time program allows a student to take 15 credits of vocational training and four classes at our high school. However, a student could experience course scheduling difficulties at the high school when enrolled as a shared-time student. It is important to discuss shared-time enrollment with your school counselor.

Listed below are the programs offered at Somerset County Vocational & Technical School. Interested students and their parents should contact the student’s school counselor for further information regarding admission to the vocational school. You may call the Somerset County Vocational & Technical High School at 908-526-8900 X 7243.

  • Auto Body
  • Auto Mechanics 
  • Building Trades
  • CISCO Networking Academy 
  • Commercial Art & Design
  • Cosmetology
  •  Culinary Arts
  • Diesel Mechanics
  •  Electrical Construction
  • Graphic Communications
  • Health Occupations 
  •  Landscape Maintenance/Horticulture Tech 
  • Law & Public Safety 
  • Office Occupations 
  • Performing Arts (Dance/Drama/Acting)
  • Plumbing
  • Small Engines
  • Welding 

If you plan on attending Vo-Tech (shared-time), you may have difficulties completing the necessary course requirements for graduating in four years, depending on the Vo-Tech program which you are enrolled. It is extremely important that you contact your high school counselor prior to entering high school in order to map out the courses you will need to take for completing both programs. In many cases, it may be beneficial for a student to complete one school year as a full-time Vo-Tech student or full time Hillsborough High School student.

Academy for Health and Medical Services:
This is a four-year program. Students must apply in 8th grade.

The Performing Arts Department:
The Performing Arts Department at SCVTHS offers three choices for gifted and talented students. The program encourages growth in individuality and creativity, which helps students become more well-rounded, culturally aware and sensitive to the arts. All students are required to audition for acceptance into the department. The auditions are generally conducted during the month of March. For more information, please call 908-526-8900 X 7277