Dress Code

Good taste in the choice of clothing and proper grooming set the tone for a good high school. Although it is not within the province of the school to dictate styles, it is our responsibility to strive for a learning atmosphere. Anything which might distract from that must, in fairness to all, be discouraged. In an effort to assist our students and their parents, the school has established the following dress code. All students are expected to abide by the following requirements when dressing for school.
Inappropriate Content for Clothing and Hats
Obscenities or vulgarities in word or picture.
Drug or alcohol references.
Harassing or biased words or pictures related to race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation.
Appropriateness of Attire
Undergarments should not be visible (boxer shorts, bras, panties, etc.).
Midriffs (abdomens or lower backs) should not be visible.
Cleavage should not be visible.
Tube tops, halter tops, and single-strap tops are not permitted.
Spaghetti strap tops can only be worn with another shirt over them.
Shirts that are sheer and/or expose the torso (without another shirt worn under them) are not to be worn.
Extremely short tops, shorts, or skirts are not allowed.
Extremely tight/form-fitting articles of clothing are not to be worn.
Articles of clothing with tears or slits that expose skin not normally visible under the other guidelines of this dress code are also not allowed.
Additional Requirements
Footwear must be worn at all times.
Students may not wear hoods on their heads in the building.
Although hats may be worn in school, they must be removed upon teacher request and during tests/exams.
Procedures for Dress Code Violations
The student will be discreetly referred to the office as soon as possible.
The administrator will explain the inappropriateness of the students attire.
The parent/guardian will be contacted and given an explanation of the violation.
The student will be allowed to change clothes if clothing is available.
The student will not be permitted to return to class until the inappropriateness is remedied.
On the second referral of the same student, the student will be in time out in the in-school suspension room until a parent can bring in a change of clothes.