Electronic Devices


The use of electronic devices, including cell phones/smart phones, laptop computers, tablets, e-readers, etc., can provide unique and important access to educational resources during the school day and assist in the effective management of school work.

The use of the district’s 1:1 device (Chromebook) provides unique and important access to educational resources during the school day and assists in the effective management of school work.  Students are expected to manage the use of this device responsibly in accordance with the student code of conduct and the acceptable use policy of HTPS (Board of Education Policy- 5516) for educational purposes only and at the direction and discretion of the supervising staff members at all times. Additional guidelines for specific types of devices are outlined below. Misuse of such equipment in any manner that is disruptive or distracting to the learning environment may result in immediate confiscation of the device and referral to the administration for disciplinary action that may include suspension of this privilege or other consequences in keeping with the school’s code of conduct.

Failure to surrender a device upon request of a staff member is considered an act of insubordination and will result in Saturday detention, although stronger consequences may be assigned depending upon the nature of the incident itself. Confiscated items will only be returned to the child’s parent or guardian who may retrieve the item during school hours (7:00 AM – 3:00 PM). Students who are 18 years old or older may claim their devices from their vice principals no sooner than dismissal time on the day in which the device was taken, with the express permission of the vice principal. Repeat offenses will result in additional disciplinary consequences.

Use of any device to intentionally cause emotional harm, to discredit another person, or to harass, intimidate, or bully someone is strictly prohibited. Strict consequences will be imposed for hurtful behavior in accordance with the school’s code of conduct and the law on harassment, intimidation, and bullying. Students are also reminded that electronic devices cannot be used to transmit or store inappropriate images (nudity, etc.) of minors and that doing so may constitute possession or distribution of child pornography, an illegal act with harsh penalties and lifelong repercussions. In addition, audio or video recording or taking pictures without the knowledge and permission of all involved is prohibited and potentially illegal.

Personal Responsibility in Protecting Belongings and Guarding Against Theft

Students are encouraged to take extra care in securing these valuable items in locked lockers or keeping these items on one’s person at all times to proactively avoid an opportunity to have the devices stolen or damaged. While every effort is made to keep the building free from theft, items such as these are often lost or stolen. If students wish to have these items at school, please be aware that they do so at their own risk. Hillsborough High School will not be held responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.


Often, a person using an electronic device becomes somewhat oblivious to what is happening around him/her. When using any electronic devices in the school building, students are reminded to be polite, cognizant of their surroundings, and safe at all times. Phone conversations should be quiet enough not to disturb others. Care should be taken when moving through the building so that you do not cause injury to self or others or cause a delay to the normal traffic patterns in the building. Passing time is limited so it is important to keep the hallways moving freely. While in the classroom, electronic devices should be used only for educational purposes, and it is critical that one person’s use of a device does not inhibit the learning environment for other students or the teacher’s ability to teach without interruption.

Additional guidelines for the use of electronic devices in school are as follows:

Cell Phones/Smart Phones/iPods/Smart Watches/MP3 Players/Portable Game Devices/ Ear buds and other personal electronic devices

All cell phones/smart phones and other personal devices are to be silenced during the school day (7:30 AM–2:25 PM). Students are permitted to use phones for making calls and texting during passing time, lunch and study hall. Phone use must comply with appropriate student code of conduct and must not disrupt or distract from the school learning environment.

All classroom teachers will have specific rules regarding cell phones. Cell phones are NOT to be accessible to students in any class during the class period (including restroom access). Violations of the cell phone policy will result progressive disciplinary consequences.


Students are expected to use the district’s portable computing device for instructional purposes during class time and to act in accordance with the directions of the supervising staff member at all times. The use of the computing devices during lunch periods and study hall is at the discretion of the supervising staff member.

 Use of any other technology devices requests will need expressed permission by high school administration.