Student Groups & Clubs

P.U.S.H -- Prevention Using Student Help

Mission: We, the students of Hillsborough High School, will act as positive role models to our peers and middle school students as we teach about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and peer pressure.
Each PUSH member will sign a no use contract for the school year. It is vital that you remain true to your contract.
Meetings are held on Friday mornings at 7:00 AM in the auditorium. Students are to check the bulletin board outside the SAC office for updated meeting times and PUSH activities at the Auten Road Intermediate School (ARIS).
Attendance is required at each meeting prior to an ARIS trip.
All PUSH'ers must attend the weekend training with Mike Winchester.
You cannot go to ARIS if you do not attend the training.
Each PUSH group will be in charge of different activities, such as the bulletin board, a fundraiser, PUSH trips, and assembly programs with the guidance of a youth advisor.
We may not meet every week, but each PUSHer is responsible for following up with PUSH activities posted outside the SAC office and on the web page.

REBEL -- Reaching Everyone By Exposing Lies
This REBEL chapter is a youth-led, statewide tobacco-free movement.
Together we will generate and promote ideas and activities to help prevent and eliminate smoking among youth.

Peer Mentoring

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Get Connected

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Sources of Strength

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