Visual Arts

Visual Arts Department

Supervisor:  Mr. Chris Ireland
email: [email protected]

Course offerings in the Visual Arts Department are reflective of the diversity of media that students can use for artistic expression.  Beginning with classes that introduce students to the basic skills of drawing, painting, and so on, each new elective taken encourages students to move into increasingly unique and challenging directions, utilizing a wide variety of tools, media, and technology.  Whether interested in film or ceramics, photography or crafts, the Visual Arts Department has something to catch the attention of each of HHS' budding artists.  Please visit our department website for more information about our courses.

AP Art Studio

Art I, II

Cartooning & Animation


Digital Art Desgin


Advanced Drawing


Advanced Painting


Advanced Photography

Digital Photography

Portfolio/Advanced Studio

Sculpture & Ceramics

Advanced Sculpture & Ceramics

Video & Film

Advanced Video & Film