HHS Science Department

Supervisor: Ms. Lisa Kiel


The Science department at Hillsborough High School has a long-standing tradition of excellence with comprehensive and competitive courses that provide students with opportunities to perform hands-on laboratory experiments and to design and construct projects. Courses are offered at the college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement levels, and electives are available in which students can extend their knowledge of the sciences outside of the traditional curriculum.

Environmental Science (CP, H)
Geophysical Science CP
Biology (CP, H)
Chemistry (CP, H)
Physics (CP, H)
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics1
AP Physics2
AP Physics C
AP Environmental Science
Anatomy & Physiology CP
Medical Laboratory Techniques CP
Organic Chemistry H
Intro to Biotechnology H
Astronomy CP

Science Course Sequence

Use the attached documents to inform your HHS Science course planning.

HHS Science Prerequisites Guide

HHS Common Science Pathways