Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

The Hillsborough Township School District acknowledges its responsibility to provide the most conducive learning environment for all students and recognizes that, unless schools and their students are substance free, the best conditions for learning do not exist.  School-based initiatives have proven particularly effective in recognizing and remediating students development of alcohol or other drug issues, and the district will take the necessary and appropriate steps to protect the school community from harm and from exposure to harmful substances.

In order to do this, the district has approved a random drug testing policy for students involved in extra-curricular programs, including all clubs and athletic programs, and those who participate in student parking.  The purpose of this program is directed toward deterrence and remediation.  The policy is not intended to be disciplinary or punitive in nature as indicated by existing court decisions as it relates to the loss of instructional time.  No pupil shall be expelled or suspended from school as a sole result of any verified test conducted by the school under the Random Drug Testing Program.  This policy also complies with the confidentiality requirements established in federal regulations and state provisions as found in 42 CFR Part II and N.J.S.A. 18A:40A-12, respectively. 

Periodically throughout the year, randomly generated student ID numbers will be pulled for testing with the goal of testing approximately 10% of the student population involved in extra-curricular activities, athletics, and student parking.  Parents may also opt to have their children included in the Random Drug Testing Program, even if they do not participate in clubs, athletics, or parking.

Eligibility and Withdrawal

  • All students who participate in extra-curricular activities, interscholastic and intramural athletics, or who possess school parking permits must participate in the program.

  • Consent forms will be available from each advisor/coach and must be completed and returned prior to attending the second meeting/practice of the club/activity.  Student athletes must return their consent forms one week prior to the start of practice.  For students applying for a parking permit, the consent form must be submitted with the application.  Parents opting to include their children must complete the same consent form.

  • If a student no longer desires to participate in the Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, an activity drop form must be submitted.  Only forms signed by the student and the parent/guardian will be considered valid.  Participation in clubs/activities, athletics, and parking is then concluded.  Parents who opted to include their children must also submit a drop form to remove the students from the pool.

  • The activity drop form will remain in effect for a minimum of one calendar year, with a built in fifteen (15) day grace period for reconsideration.


  • Students randomly selected for testing will submit the requested urine and/or saliva specimen to the school nurse.  Privacy will be maintained during testing.

  • All non-negative results will be reviewed by the school nurse and forwarded to a licensed laboratory for confirmatory testing.

  • All records will be maintained by the school nurse and stored securely until the student exits the district.

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