English Department

Supervisor:  Ms. Sheila Cooper

mail: scooper@htps.us

The English Department offers courses that stress the value of the written and spoken word through students' exploration of literature, writing, public speaking, and a wide variety of unique and challenging assessments that encourage students to explore their own creativity and draw connections between their world and the worlds of the authors of yesterday and today.  In each grade level, students have the opportunity to take courses at the standard, college preparatory, and honors level, as well as selected Advanced Placement courses which may count toward college credit with the successful completion of the Advanced Placement test.  Infused throughout the curriculum in grades nine through eleven are preparations for the High School Proficiency Assessment.  Elective offerings in the English Department provide students with the opportunity for more in-depth study of many of the genres covered in their English classes.

English I (CP, H)

English II (CP, H)

English III (CP, H)

English IV (CP, H)

AP English Language and Composition

AP English Literature

Creative Writing I


Exploring Journalism

Library Service



Public Speaking

SAT Preparation

Shakespeare's Comedies

Transitional English

War Fiction