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Physical Education Policies


Health, Safety, and Physical Education (N.J.S.A.8A:35) requires that all students in grades 1 through 12 participate in at least two and one-half hours of health, safety, and physical education in each school week.

  • Health and Physical Education is required by state law of each student enrolled.  This requirement applies to fifth year students as well.

  • All students will be scheduled for one marking period of Health or Driver Education, one marking period of a specific grade level Physical Education course and two marking periods of elective activities.  In the elective marking periods, students will have the opportunity to choose from available elective offerings for that specific marking period.

  • Expectations and procedures should be followed in order to receive a meaningful and beneficial experience in Physical Education.

  • All students must change for Physical Education class or they will be marked "unprepared." Appropriate dress consists of shorts, shirts, sneakers and/or sweat suit. All gym attire must conform to the school dress code.

  • All students must be in locker room area when the passing bell rings.

  • Five (5) minutes will be given on both ends of the period to change into and out of phys. ed. attire.

  • All students will remain in the gym until the passing bell rings.

  • Lock All Personal Valuables:  Money, jewelry, electronics and other valuables should be secured in a locked locker during gym class.  Each student is assigned their own locker.  Students are encouraged to use their locker to secure their valuable items.  Any valuable items that do not fit into the locker may be stored in the gym office upon request.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.  


  • Students will have an opportunity to earn 400 total points each marking period in Physical Education.  Students must demonstrate proficiency in three domains but each domain will be weighted differently.  Cognitive/Knowledge is 20%, Psychomotor/Skill is 30% and Affective/Participation/Effort is 50% of the total grade.

  • Students present for class but not participating without an excuse will have 10 points deducted from their cumulative point total for the marking period.  The same applies to a student who cuts the class. Each additional infraction will be progressive in point deductions (20 points for the second infraction, 30 points for the third, etc.).  If the student does not participate six times, the student will receive a ZERO in the Affective/Participation/Effort portion of their marking period grade.  This means the highest grade they COULD receive is a 50%.

  • Students are permitted to miss up to five (5) gym classes for any legitimate reason including school activities, absences and medical excuses without penalty. Any absence after five must be made up by the end of the unit if not; points will be deducted for each absence. Students should make arrangements with their physical education teacher to make up the missed time.

  • All suspensions, both in-school and out-of-school must be made up.


In order for students to meet graduation requirements they must successfully complete Health and Physical Education each year they are enrolled in high school.  We recognize that some health conditions prohibit students from engaging in all activities completely.   Please follow the procedures outlined below so HHS may provide the necessary accommodations for students with limitations or restrictions.  Due to the classroom learning component of Physical Education and NJ Department of Education requirements, students are expected to attend class daily and will be assigned alternate work.


  • All physical education limitations and excuses shall be issued by the school nurse prior to gym class.

  • Parent requests for limitations or excuses are limited to three days per marking period.

  • Students requesting extended physical education limitations or excuses (more than 3 days) must have their health care provider complete the “Physical Education Excuse” form which is available in the Nurse’s Office and on the High School Health Office website.

  • Students who are unable to fully participate in Physical Education may not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities until medically cleared. 


  • Based on the “Physical Education Excuse” form the student’s placement or accommodations will be determined by the Nursing Superviso and the Health and PE Supervisor in conjunction with input from the student, parents and health care provider.

  • If the limitation or excuse is for 5 days or less, the student shall remain in their class and complete written work or participate with accommodations.

  • If the limitation or excuse is for more than 5 days, the student will be reassigned to an activity that is appropriate for the needed modification and accommodations. 

  • If it is determined that it is unsafe for the student to remain in the gym, the student will be assigned an alternate location and will complete written work that meets the NJCCCS and HHS curricular objectives for Health and Physical Education.  They will be graded on a pass/fail basis.