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Founded in 1969, Hillsborough High School has become a cornerstone of the community, built upon a tradition of academic excellence, strong character, and a wealth of co-curricular offerings. Currently serving over approximately 2300 students, the administration and faculty have remained dedicated to providing students with the traditional, nurturing atmosphere of the once smaller Hillsborough High School, while providing extensive academic and elective offerings that can only occur in a larger school, capitalizing on the best of both experiences. The teachers pride themselves in fostering the development of quality character among students and in preparing them to achieve their maximum potential in post-secondary pursuits.

An exceptionally qualified faculty awaits students each day, ready to provide challenging and engaging educational experiences that will not only prepare students for their futures but will also foster in them a life-long love of learning. In addition to rigorous course offerings, including twenty-five Advanced Placement courses and a broad range of honors and college preparatory courses, Hillsborough High School provides excellent support services and a wide selection of courses for students of all abilities. In an effort to help students develop their personal interests and talents, the high school also offers over eighty clubs and activities and participates competitively in 29 NJSIAA sanctioned sports.

Always eager to provide opportunities outside the classroom that will help students to develop a connection with the high school, the Student Council and class cabinets conduct year-long spirit activities that culminate in what can only be described as a "one of a kind" Spirit Night, which typically draws three-quarters of the student body who participate in relay races, student-choreographed dances, cheers, mural and float designs, and myriad other events. As much fun as these activities are, however, there is also a socially conscious aspect to the events that occur throughout the year as each class earns spirit points for canned food, clothing, and penny drives.

Hillsborough High School takes great pride in all that it has to offer to the students who enter its corridors every day, but nothing is valued as much as we value the students themselves. We are extremely fortunate to work with such fine, young adults who consistently work hard, give of their time and energy, and make the most of each day at HHS. The Hillsborough Township motto is, "Hillsborough, the Good Life," and, at the high school, we strive to set our students on the path to making this a reality.

Michele M. Fisher