Smoking is prohibited for all persons on school grounds, in school vehicles, and in school athletic stadiums. A students first offense will result in a Saturday Detention. Additional offenses will result in Saturday Detentions or out-of-school suspensions. In each case, a complaint is filed in Municipal Court. Please be advised that the most recent cases to go to court have resulted in fines and court costs in excess of $350 each, probation, and possible jail time.
Any student seen with a cigarette on his/her person, whether lit or not, shall be considered in violation of the "no smoking" policy of the school and the State of New Jersey (New Jersey Public Law, 1981, Chapter 320, Smoking in Institutions Providing Education or Training). Possession of any tobacco products including chewing tobacco, snus, or snuff will result in five (5) demerits for the first offense and a Saturday detention for any additional offenses. Further, any student who attempts to impede the enforcement of the policy by serving as a lookout for violators or in any way hinders enforcement, will be guilty of the same offense as the violator and will serve the same school penalty. All students in a stall or at its entrance where smoking is occurring will be charged with violating the non-smoking ban and will be assigned a Saturday detention. Whenever smoking is observed to be occurring among a group of students, every student in the group is subject to a Saturday Detention.