Warning about Assassin and Scavenger Hunt Games

Warning about Assassin and Scavenger Hunt Games
Posted on 05/22/2018

It has become a tradition with seniors in many towns to run coordinated activities in the weeks before graduation that are meant to be fun but aren’t always in their best interests. HHS seniors often play the game of ASSASSIN around town. This is NOT a school activity, and the high school does not endorse this game in any way. Please be aware that kids often drive recklessly, take unnecessary chances, and carry fake weapons in playing this game. The fake weapons are often painted to look realistic and pose a serious safety threat should there be any encounter with local police. Also, imitation weapons on campus are subject to serious disciplinary and legal consequences. All township schools (the high school in particular) are neutral zones, and the game cannot be played there for everyone's safety. Please speak to your children about the dangers of this game so that potential tragedy can be avoided.

Another common activity is the SCAVENGER HUNT in which Hillsborough seniors traditionally participate over the course of a weekend in late May or June. This scavenger hunt requires contestants to choose from a list of tasks and then submit some sort of proof of completion, which is often in the form of a video, token item, etc. Many items on the list are in “good, clean fun” and do not have any foreseeable risks associated with them. However, other tasks may be illegal, inappropriate, unhealthy, sexually promiscuous, or dangerous, and participating seniors face risks with such tasks. Also, some tasks name specific classmates as targets for damage to their personal property or to be targeted as the victim of an inappropriate or embarrassing act.  Please speak with your seniors about the scavenger hunt and the tasks they may opt to complete. Sometimes, there is a “parent friendly” version of the list and a “seniors only” version, so be sure to investigate thoroughly and share your findings with other seniors’ parents so that all parents can help their children avoid making serious mistakes. Please remind your child that videos that are posted to the internet or shared electronically in any way can come back to haunt them, whether it be personally, legally, or professionally. Also, please remind your child that the buildings and campuses of HHS and all district schools are off limits for this event as well

Although the kids who are involved in these activities are all HHS seniors, they are NOT high school activities, and the school and district do not endorse either in any way. To the contrary, we urge parents to address these activities with your children in a very serious way so that what the kids intend to be fun doesn’t ruin future opportunities or turn tragic.

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