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Physical Education Curriculum

Physical Education 9 – Introduction to Physical Education

This course will lay the foundations for personal wellness and prepare students for their high school Physical Education experience through three units, Introduction to Fitness, Team Activities and Dance.  Students will be exposed to the basics of personal fitness, be introduced to many of our elective team activities and learn the basics of dance and other rhythmic activities.

Physical Education 10 - Adventure Challenge

Students will learn the value of team work and collaboration while also challenging them to go outside their comfort level to climb various obstacles.  This will be accomplished as students in the class work together to complete various team building activities and challenges and climb and navigate our rock wall and high ropes course. 

Physical Education 11 – Fitness through Global Sports and Non-Traditional Games

The goal of this course is to expose students to a variety of new global sports and non-traditional games to provide alternative ways for students to stay active. 

Physical Education 12 – Lifelong Fitness

In this course, students will explore various lifelong activities such as golf, tennis and dance while continuing to learn and practice personal fitness.  At the end of the course, each student will design a personalized, lifelong fitness plan to achieve a specific wellness goal.  This will help prepare students to be active throughout their entire lives.

Physical Education Elective Offerings 
The list of elective offerings is extensive and constantly being updated and include team sports, fitness activities and individual sports.
Physical Education Elective Courses
The Physical Education Department also offers Sports Injuries I and II.