PRIDE Survey

In March 2018, Hillsborough Township Public Schools conducted a survey of approximately 792 Hillsborough students in grades 8-12. The survey was administered anonymously with parent consent and was used to determine youth substance abuse for alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription drugs. The survey included questions regarding prevalence of 30-day use, perception of risk, students’ perception of parental disapproval and peer disapproval, as well as risk and protective factors. This information collected via this survey will help our district staff evaluate current drug prevention programs and assess the need for new or modified programs. The survey the district employed is called the Pride Risk and Protective Factor Questionnaire (PRIDE Survey). Since, 1982, The PRIDE Surveys Questionnaire has been used by more than 8,000 schools in all 50 states and has demonstrated both reliability and validity.  In 1998, a federal law designated Pride Surveys as an official measurement of illicit adolescent drug use in America.  

At the Monday, December 17th Board of Education meeting, Hillsborough High School Student Assistance Counselor Gilbert Pilarte and Hillsborough Township Public Schools Life Skills Coordinator Minda Maggio  presented the results of the PRIDE Survey. To view the presentation, please click here. Graphics included in the presentation are available for download here.

For more information regarding the PRIDE Survey in general, please click here.