Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites


Part 1: Looking at and using the page


  • Does the page take a long time to load?  
  • Are the pictures on the page helpful?  
  • Is each section of the page labeled with a heading?  
  • Did the author sign his/her real name?  
  • Did the author give you his/her e-mail address?  
  • Is there a date on the page that tells you when it was last updated?  
  • Is there an image map (big picture with links) on the page?  
  • Is there a table (columns of text) on the page? (Check the source code.)  
  • If so, is the table readable with your browser?  
  • If you go to another page on the site, can you get back to the main page?  
  • Are there photographs on the page?   

• If so, can you be sure that photographs have not been changed by the author? 

• If you're not sure, should you accept the photos as true?   

Part 2: What’s on the page and who put it there?


  • Does the title of the page tell you what it is about?  
  • Is there a paragraph on the page explaining what it is about?  
  • Is the information on the page useful for your project? 

• If not, what can you do next? 

  • Would you have gotten more information from an encyclopedia?  
  • Can you tell if the information on the page is current?  
  • Does up-to-date information make a difference for your project?  
  • Does the page lead you to some other good information (links)?  
  • Does the author of the page present some information you disagree with?
  • Does the author of the page present some information that you think is wrong?  
  • Does some information contradict information you found elsewhere?  
  • Does the author use some absolute words (like "always" or "never")?  
  • Does the author use superlative words (like the "best" or "worst")?  
  • Does the author tell you about him/herself?  
  • Do you feel that the author is knowledgeable about the topic?  
  • Are you positive the information is true? 

• What can you do to prove the information is true?

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